Looking for a homeopath? Our directory hub is your guide

Our directory hub is your guide

An all-new hub where you can access your practitioner, book appointments, and interact with their virtual clinic. Don't have a practitioner? Let us help you find one!


Expand your natural health knowledge

Join a vast network of advocates from around the world that are getting social about natural health learning.

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Digitize your practice

Are you a healthcare provider? Connect your practice to Remport and operate your business using our unique clinic management platform.

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Our Mission

Learn about how we are paving the road towards a united healthcare that promotes natural health for all Canadians.


Explore Materia Wire

Materia Wire offers contemporary news and opinion through the lens of homeopathy and natural health. We favor individual freedom and informed choice, and provide resources for all to enjoy.



Utilize our FAQ page for frequent questions that need answering.


Empowering natural health, for everyone.

We are transforming the healthcare experience of both holistic practitioners and patients, delivering innovative applications promptly and securely.


Trust is our #1 value. We work continuously to ensure all our patrons have the highest level of data protection, and privacy.

Corporate Oath

We strive to provide and organize non-censored and transparent information, programs, initiatives and functions void of bias & prejudice.

Protecting health freedoms

Through cooperation with like-minded organizations and businesses who value bodily autonomy, we are dedicated to protecting the health freedoms of every person.

Practice management made for holistic healers

Remport is our clinic management platform that transforms the way you run your practice. Plug-in the crucial elements of your clinic and control them in real-time with a custom client portal on a powerful directory.

Ready to dive into the world of natural health?

Materia Faction transforms the way you engage knowledge of natural health. Read, chat, share, and learn on a social learning platform that blends community and natural health.

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